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woven wedding bands yellow + white gold for Petroula

  • €3,200.00
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woven series - art jewellery celebrating our interconnectedness

woven wedding bands, yellow + white gold

Uniquely handcrafted in 18ct yellow + 18ct white gold and created with ~7mm (width all around), these ring bands offer the best of both worlds: the rich yellow of 18ct gold with the striking grey of 18ct white gold.
Bride ring size 15mm and groom ring size 24mm.
After the weaving is complete, the two rings are hand-polished to a luscious satin finish. Finally, the rings are carefully packed with acid-free tissue each in its own handsome custom metal box.

DELIVERY: the wedding rings are shipped within 1 month of ordering - registered postage is included.

1- the discount offered may need to be adjusted according to gold market rates therefore we highly recommend prompt payment in order to secure the price quoted
2- each piece is handcrafted and unique therefore are not repeated exactly: images are for illustration purposes only


"My dear, we searched this entire Internet for something that spoke to us. Until the universe brought us to you. THANK YOU. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH. Thank you for the affection. And for understanding that Loveislove." A & R, Boston, US