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partnership rings

'woven' series partnership rings - celebrating Love and our interconnectedness 

it features ring bands created by Irish-Brazilian artist designer maker P Gurgel-Segrillo and made to order

each piece is uniquely handcrafted and shipped worldwide from her Cork city atelier 


a few of the suggested ring designs are:

non-tapered - same width all the way around

half-ring - opened in the back 

solid-back - the back part of the ring is solid, not weaved

tapered - the ring is wider in the front and it tapers down in the back


they may be made in any combination of:

silveryellow goldrose goldwhite gold


depending on the design and metal(s) chosen, the choices for the weaving technique are:

original weave, where all ribbons of the precious metals are of the same, medium width 

wide weave, where the ribbons of the precious metals are wide in width

cocoon weave, the ribbons are thin in width

mixed weave - wide, a mixture of medium and wide ribbons

mixed weave - thin, a mixture of medium and thin ribbons

mixed weave, a mixture of wide, medium and thin ribbons


after the weaving is complete, the piece is then hand-finished, with the choices:

cleanmedium or dark 


and finally the rings are hand-polished to:

glossy or matte 


These design options are featured in more detail in the following video:


The weaving techniques I have developed throughout 3 decades of jewellery-making spawn tactile, luxurious, unexpected characteristics - no weave is the same. This overtly handcrafted quality never ceases to captivate me.

The working process itself feels very much like a search. A search for that elusive place in the middle, where a state of balance is possible. There, the weaving may flow inevitably into a wearable art piece that will never be repeated, as it reflects that singular, treasured moment.

The emotional inspiration for this series comes from how our decisions shape our lives. How if well reflected, embraced and celebrated, they never fail to 'wear' beautifully. Like crossroads weaving the fabric of our cities, plainly inscribing the land with our interconnectedness. ∼ P Gurgel-Segrillo

 parnership rings by gurgel-segrillo

Gurgel-Segrillo's contemporary jewellery series has been exhibited in galleries in the UK, Ireland, Japan, Brazil and the USA and are sold worldwide; the actor Orlando Bloom is one of many collectors of her uniquely handcrafted and ultimately wearable art (woven ring)

P Gurgel-Segrillo is a member of Visual Artists Ireland, registered with the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland and the London Assay Office. Selected CRAFTed facilitator (Design and Crafts Council of Ireland's Education Panel). Thankful for the assistance of the Cork City Enterprise Office

please note that each piece is handcrafted and unique therefore cannot be repeated exactly the same: images are for illustration purposes only

all wall and wearable art is created and shipped worldwide from the artist's atelier in Cork city, Ireland


partnership rings are made to order - please contact us to discuss your design ideas

mobile Ireland: +353 (0) 861099084  
whatsapp: +353861099084
"My dear, we searched this entire Internet for something that spoke to us. Until the universe brought us to you. THANK YOU. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH. Thank you for the affection. And for understanding that Loveislove." A & R, Boston, US
Love, be loved and let love be. Gurgel-Segrillo supports Marriage Equality for All