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wall art - framed collage created by irish brazilian visual artist gurgel-segrillo

collage series - abstract explorations on the nature of memory and connection

Collage allows for unique, never-to-be-repeated images to be created with a serendipitous playfulness. These series reflect and expands on the nature of human connection and the creation of memories.

collage series #1                                        collage series #2

collage art series created by artist gurgel-segrillo, ireland    wall art - framed collage by irish-brazilian artist p gurgel-segrillo

Jungle and urban landscape fusing in hyper-reality style mind-maps. Dizzying snapshots of multiple planes and possibilities. Or maybe the visual representations of instants we truly see through our biases and into our interconnectedness.
Whatever one's interpretation, the masterfully intricate images offer a feast for the eyes. They draw us in, inviting contemplation and calling us, at every gaze, to see a-new.

collage series #1 


collage series #2

All fine art collages are mounted and signed by the artist P Gurgel-Segrillo and shipped worldwide from her Cork City studio.