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woven heart ring - large

  • €400.00

woven heart series - art jewellery celebrating Love & our interconnectedness

woven heart ring, large

Uniquely handcrafted in sterling silver and created with 30mm (heart width), the woven heart ring receives an oxidising treatment and then it is hand-polished to a luscious satin finish. Finally, the woven heart ring is carefully packed with acid-free tissue in a handsome custom metal box, ready to gift and safe-keeping

DELIVERY: currently shipped within 1 month of ordering - FREE worldwide shipping for a limited time! 

please note that each piece is handcrafted and unique therefore are not repeated exactly: images are for illustration purposes only


"Hello P! I have been out of my office since the weekend but wanted to let you know that my ring arrived this past Friday! It's just as beautiful as the first and I truly thank you for your service and appreciate your glorious work. Thanks so much and I'll keep you in mind for the future. :) best wishes", Megan, PA USA